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    Q1.    Connect  the power line and turn on the switch, the switch does not  electrify and light ?

     A: Check the fuse is burn out or not . (Deal :change the fuse )
     B:Check the sockets is properly powered or not  .(Deal : change the sockets )
     C: Fuses loosed  connection with  switch. ( Deal: link up the line)

    Q2.  Meters are not displayed ?

     A: Check the line in the control box is off or not ;  If yes. Please  connect the line.
     B: If meter burned out, please  replace the meter

    Q3. The number of temperature are not change ?

     A: Temperature controller heating indicator light shows green light, but the number are not change ,is the line of  relay loose
     B:According to the A, use the electric pen to measure mains input and output terminals of the relay, if light when input , does not light  when output, is the relay burned out
     C: Temperature controller heating indicator shows a red light, then the meter of temperature controller is broken.

    Q4.  The meter of temperature  shows the temperature and the heating plate temperature are different ?

     A: The LED of meter of  temperature control  shows green light  and heating , then the meter of temperature  is  broken
     B: The LED of meter of  temperature control   shows green light, the measurement cable connected backwards.
     C: The LED of meter of  temperature control   shows red light and heating ,then the  relay is broken.

    Q5.Temperature controller display "E" ?

     A: Temperature measurement is loose
     B: Air plug the temperature measurement are not welding

     C:The line of temperature measurement are broken


    Q6.Pneumatic solenoid valves on the press machine in every State, both air outlet ?

     A:The seal in the middle of pneumatic machine cylinder is broken (Deal : change the entire cylinder )


    Q7.The timer of pneumatic in the time status, heating plate do not press down ?

     A:Check the gas source has the pressure or not ?
     B: Check the solenoid valve  lighted or not ? If not ,the solenoid valve is broken.


    Q8.The timer of pneumatic in the time statusthe time of heating plate screw down or rise are not in line with timer ?

      A: The timer broken
      B: The relay broken


    Q9.The heat plate of pneumatic machine is  shaking when screw down ?

      A: Positioning guide pins and bushings are loose or gaps
     B: Cylinder head screw nut loose

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